Lick Of The Day 

Guitar Licks 

You can never have too many licks! Learning different licks in various styles will help you:  

1. Grow as a guitarist. 

2. Help you find your own voice on the guitar.  

3. Ne able to play in different styles. 

4. It's just pure fun!  

When practicing new licks make sure you to try them out in different keys and different tempos. Also trying to play them with different grooves. (Bossa Nova, swing, ect.) After you learn them try to force them into your solos. Try to tackle a few at a time!   

Head over to the "lick of the day" and find new licks posted daily! 

Interesting Article  Podcast

Interesting Article 

I read an interesting article recently and I wanted to share it: 

Real “magic” is not in a vintage console. It is not imbued in the walls of a famous studio. It’s not in the floor of an old, rented house. It’s not in the crisp air high in the mountains, or in the thick atmosphere near the swamps. It’s not in a tube circuit within a steel chassis. It’s not in a blank reel of tape or an empty hard drive. It’s certainly not in a microphone, sitting alone in an empty room.  

It’s in collaborations. It’s in seeing the beauty in mistakes. It’s in being open to all possibilities, yet finding a clear direction. It’s in supporting emotional connections. It’s in protecting pure beauty, or exaggerating ugliness.  

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