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This year I lost one of my good friends from high school and it is absolutely heart breaking. Every day that goes by I wonder what I could have done. How could I have been a better friend. How could I have been there for him. 

Sean was the reason I picked up the guitar I was so frustrated with the music education at the high school I attended. I needed something, a different instrument to be creative. He always said he was inspired of the skills I learned on the guitar. The truth of the matter was I was always inspired by him. 

He was one the best guitarist I ever have gotten to know. Speed isn't my thing, mostly because I broke my hand in high school, I could never play as fast. Most guys that can play fast bore the hell out of me.. it seems they never really have anything interesting to say. Not Sean. 

A funny memory occurred in 10th grade we were walking home from high school and it was in the middle of the winter and he had sandals on! 

He marched to his own drum. He lived life and loved life. A beautiful human. A kind spirit.

I have to love and forgive more. Life is too short.

Love you, Sean. 

May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be at your back. We will meet again.

-Chad Ellis



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Interesting Article  Podcast

Interesting Article 

I read an interesting article recently and I wanted to share it: 

Real “magic” is not in a vintage console. It is not imbued in the walls of a famous studio. It’s not in the floor of an old, rented house. It’s not in the crisp air high in the mountains, or in the thick atmosphere near the swamps. It’s not in a tube circuit within a steel chassis. It’s not in a blank reel of tape or an empty hard drive. It’s certainly not in a microphone, sitting alone in an empty room.  

It’s in collaborations. It’s in seeing the beauty in mistakes. It’s in being open to all possibilities, yet finding a clear direction. It’s in supporting emotional connections. It’s in protecting pure beauty, or exaggerating ugliness.  

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